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A Habitat for “Coco”: A Social Studies Investigation with Preschool-Aged Children
The Constructivist
  • Mary Bowne, South Dakota State University
  • Jennifer Kampmann, South Dakota State University
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Every investigation begins with a “spark” or provocation; something that ignites conversation and action by the teacher and/or children. Learning takes place through the process of construction, thus answering the endless “whys” and the meaning of things, others, and life (Rinaldi, 2006), which can be accomplished through projects and investigations. As a teacher, nothing is more rewarding than seeing children’s enthusiasm for learning, specifically the zest to ask questions and take control of their own learning. When teachers create lessons that are engaging, provoke questions, research, and collaboration, the static classroom environment now transforms into a dynamic environment where action research can occur. It is then that teachers become more excited to teach, children are excited to learn, and most importantly, everyone comes with a passion to co-construct knowledge.

Association for Constructivist Teaching (ACT),
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Mary Bowne and Jennifer Kampmann. "A Habitat for “Coco”: A Social Studies Investigation with Preschool-Aged Children" The Constructivist Vol. 22 Iss. 1 (2014) p. 87 - 101
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