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Ethnic Landmarks - Solo Exhibition
Student Union Art Gallery, Boise State University (2005)
  • Jennele Estrada, Boise State University

Hidden among the ruins of banks and parking garages in Boise are clues to the mysterious disappearance of people from distant places in a city once tightly compacted with immigrant groups. What happened to the Mexican teamsters who ran freight from Main to Broadway? Who were the Bohemians who arrived with the railroad and crowded the warehouse district? What of the Chinese apothecaries and German brewmeisters? The Blacks on forgotten Lee Street? The Basques in their boarding houses? The Greeks? The Shoshone-Bannocks? The Jews?

Publication Date
January, 2005
Citation Information
Jennele Estrada. "Ethnic Landmarks - Solo Exhibition" Student Union Art Gallery, Boise State University (2005)
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