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Life Matter: Women Subjects and Women's Objects in Innovative American Poetry
Theses and Dissertations--English
  • Jenna L. Goldsmith, University of Kentucky
Year of Publication
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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Document Type
Doctoral Dissertation
Arts and Sciences
First Advisor
Dr. Randall Roorda
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Gertrude Stein, Lyn Hejinian, and Juliana Spahr employ innovative poetic practices attuned to nature and environment in order to understand their personal lives and depict these understandings for readers. My dissertation investigates how these poets enact an inclusive posture toward environment that many innovative and experimental women poets of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries possess, but are rarely recognized for. To this end, my dissertation provides counterarguments to characterizations of innovative or experimental poetic practices as reclusive, language-centric, opaque, and/or disconnected from the material world. I offer readings of poems, prose pieces, film, and art, to illustrate how materially innovative poetry compels an equally material framework for reading that is, at a foundational level, by and about the world.
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Jenna L. Goldsmith. "Life Matter: Women Subjects and Women's Objects in Innovative American Poetry" (2016)
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