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Queer Identities / Political Realities
Communication Studies Books
  • Bruce Drushel, Miami University
  • Kathleen M. German, Miami University - Oxford
  • Jenn Anderson, South Dakota State University

Co-Editors: Bruce Drushel, Kathleen M. German

Contributing author: Jenn Anderson

Document Type
Book Contribution
'Queer Identities/Political Realities' examines the intersection of political leadership, media coverage, and sexual identity with particular emphasis on the negotiation of meaning between public behavior and private behavior in the United States. Centering on cases that illuminate key issues, each chapter questions assumptions about media coverage and extends current theoretical understanding. Each chapter focuses on a specific case within the broader conceptual fabric of queer theory, media theory, or rhetorical criticism. Varied methodological approaches allow us to gauge public discourse of multifaceted controversies that involve same sex behavior. History reveals frequent occasions when private sexual behaviors surface to attract public interest. While the prejudices and discrimination against same-sex partnerships, whether casual or permanent, remain entrenched in United States culture, there have been occasions when the public discussion is riveted on instances. This book argues that public interest changes when the partners in such relationships are of the same sex. The extraordinary public prejudice against same sex unions and public censure has been well documented in other research reports and continues to receive attention in other scholarly publications. This book will examine the unique intersection of political leadership, media coverage, and same-sex behavior.
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Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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Bruce Drushel, Kathleen M. German and Jenn Anderson. "Queer Identities / Political Realities" (2009)
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