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Generation Open: Researchers' Roles in the Age of Openness [Introduction]
  • Mary Beth Thomson, University of Kentucky
  • Jennifer A. Bartlett, University of Kentucky

This panel discussion focuses on research and scholarship in an environment that is trending toward openness. The event starts with Mary Molinaro from UK Libraries providing a description of the current research environment and the expectation of researchers' roles. The first panelist (Dr. Douglas Scutchfield from UK College of Public Health) then discusses the benefits of open access from the researcher's perspective, and his personal experience of taking the lead to support open access by creating a new open access journal. The second panelist (Dr. Matthew Zook from UK Department of Geography) focuses on the value of openly sharing research data, especially in terms of how it contributes to scholarship, innovation, and the public good. There is a question-and-answer period after the two presentations.

Click here to view the video of the panel discussion. The video is available for download by clicking the Download button on the right.

The brochure about this panel discussion is available for download as the additional file listed below.

  • Open access journals,
  • Open access,
  • Open data,
  • Scholarly communication
Publication Date
October 23, 2014

Mary Beth Thomson is Senior Associate Dean at the University of Kentucky Libraries. Jennifer Bartlett is Head of Reference Services at the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Citation Information
Mary Beth Thomson and Jennifer A. Bartlett. "Generation Open: Researchers' Roles in the Age of Openness [Introduction]" (2014)
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