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The Joy of Science: Seven Principles for Science Seeking Happiness, Harmony, and Success
Faculty Authored Books
  • Roel Snieder, Colorado School of Mines
  • Jen Schneider, Boise State University
We live in an age where working in science or engineering offers tremendous professional opportunities - the pace of scientific development is truly breathtaking. Yet many researchers in the sciences, social sciences, and engineering struggle with the pressures of the fast-paced academic workplace, and struggle to harmonize their work lives with their personal lives. Scientists are under ever-increasing pressure to publish cutting-edge research, secure research grants, gain tenure, and teach and mentor students. The result can be burnout, exhaustion, and stress on a personal level, and difficulty in recruiting and retaining talented, diverse people in science and engineering. There are many publications about the practical aspects of being a scientist, but there is little guidance on how best to balance the pressures of being a scientific professional. This book, written for graduate students and researchers at all stages of their careers, aims to help scientists by identifying and questioning the core beliefs that drive a culture of overwork, and provides real-world examples and exercises for those wishing to do things differently. The book considers such questions as: How do you know whether your life is out of balance, and how do you bring it back into harmony? How can you harmonize the efforts required to contribute to and enjoy your work and home environments? How can you develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while being productive at work? How can you unseat counterproductive beliefs about how scientists are supposed to work and interact? How can you create more meaningful relationships with your colleagues, students, and family? Written in a lively, narrative style, and including interview excerpts from practicing scientists, social scientists, and engineers, this book serves as a guide for those seeking to practice the seven traits of the joyful scientist, guiding readers to lead more balanced lives as scientists, and to be more creative and productive in their research.
Cambridge University Press
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Roel Snieder and Jen Schneider. The Joy of Science: Seven Principles for Science Seeking Happiness, Harmony, and Success. Cambridge(2016)
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