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Engineering and Sustainable Community Development
  • Juan Lucena, Colorado School of Mines
  • Jen Schneider, Colorado School of Mines
  • Jon A. Leydens, Colorado School of Mines
This book, Engineering and Sustainable Community Development, presents an overview of engineering as it relates to humanitarian engineering, service learning engineering, or engineering for community development, often called sustainable community development (SCD). The topics covered include a history of engineers and development, the problems of using industry-based practices when designing for communities, how engineers can prepare to work with communities, and listening in community development. It also includes two case studies—one of engineers developing a windmill for a community in India, and a second of an engineer "mapping communities" in Honduras to empower people to use water effectively—and student perspectives and experiences on one curricular model dealing with community development.
  • humanitarian engineering,
  • sustainable engineering,
  • service learning engineering,
  • engineering for community development,
  • sustainable community development (SCD),
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB),
  • appropriate technology,
  • social justice,
  • international engineering
Publication Date
Caroline Baillie
Morgan & Claypool
Citation Information
Juan Lucena, Jen Schneider and Jon A. Leydens. Engineering and Sustainable Community Development. San Rafael, CAVol. 11 (2010)
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