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Climate Change – Natural Drivers
Idaho Environmental Forum, [Boise, ID] (2016)
  • Jennifer L. Pierce, Boise State University
Temperatures on earth are increasing. Such a change has spurred debate, both politically and in the sciences, as to the causes of climate change and its impacts. Is climate change a result of human activities or is it from natural processes, or both? To help us understand this complex issue, Dr. Jen Pierce of Boise State University will present on the natural drivers to climate change.

Over millions of years, our climate has changed in response to movements in the Earth’s tectonic plates, changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit, and other natural drivers. Understanding these natural controls on the Earth's climate is essential to understanding how in recent times, people have altered carbon storage, and contributed to changes in the Earth’s climate. This forum will help you learn about the natural drivers of climate change, and how our climate has changed over geologic eras.

Dr. Jen Pierce is an Associate Professor at Boise State in the Department of Geosciences. Her research focuses on Quaternary geomorphology, Holocene fire history and climate change, recent fire history and climate change, and feedbacks among hydrologic, biologic and geologic systems. Dr. Pierce also teaches a class on climate change at Boise State and, we are proud to say, serves on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Environmental Forum.
Publication Date
February 26, 2016
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Jennifer L. Pierce. "Climate Change – Natural Drivers" Idaho Environmental Forum, [Boise, ID] (2016)
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