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About J. Ernesto Lopez-Cordova

Welcome to my research website. I am currently Lead Economist for Mexico at the Inter-American Development Bank. My current work focuses on understanding those factors that affect firm performance in Mexico. In the past I've studied several aspects of the global economy, including the impact of remittances on development, the liberalization of the Mexican economy and its implications, and some of the determinants of international trade flows.


Present Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank
Present Lead Economist for Mexico, Inter-American Development Bank


Research Interests

International trade, Firm-level analysis, and International remittances

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Economic Integration; Globalization; International Trade (11)

Development (2)

Corruption (1)

Regulation (1)

Firm performance (2)

Exchange rates; Exchange-rate regimes and policy (2)

Democracy (3)

International Migration; Remittances (4)