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Book Review: Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism, edited by Maroje Mrduljaš and Vladimir Kulić
Southeastern Europe
  • Jelena Bogdanović, Iowa State University
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Vladimir Kulić and Maroje Mrduljaš co-edited two invaluable books in 2012: Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism and Modernism In-Between. The Mediatory Architectures of Socialist Yugoslavia. These complementary books deal with modernism in architecture and urbanism in the territories of former Yugoslavia from its post-WWII period until its phased dissolution in the 1990s. The authors are trained as architects with distinctive background in the field. Kulić and Mrduljaš obtained their professional degrees in architecture in the former Yugoslavia, at the University of Belgrade and the University of Zagreb, respectively. Kulić further specialized in modernism in 1950s and 1960s socialist Yugoslavia, which is also a focus of his forthcoming book based on his doctoral dissertation in architectural history from the University of Texas in Austin (2009). He currently teaches architectural history and design at Florida Atlantic University in the United States. Mrduljaš, who currently works at the University of Zagreb, is an architectural critic and editor of the journal Oris. Among his numerous projects, are studies about architecture of hotels along the Adriatic Littoral and about the role of Team X on the architecture in the region of Southeastern Europe. These two substantial books result from their expertise in architecture and, in particular, from their professional collaboration on an international research project sponsored by the European Commission Culture Programme (2010-12) concerning architecture and urban planning in socialist Yugoslavia and the successor states.

This is a manuscript of book reviews published in Southeastern Europe 38 (2014): 292–297, doi:10.1163/18763332-03802009. Posted with permission.

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Jelena Bogdanović. "Book Review: Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism, edited by Maroje Mrduljaš and Vladimir Kulić" Southeastern Europe Vol. 38 Iss. 2–3 (2014) p. 292 - 297
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