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About Jeffrey Parr

Dr Jeffrey Parr BA(UNE) BAppSc(Hons)(SCU) PhD(SCU)
Jeff is a ARC Postdoctoral Fellow; he is currently involved in research within the Centre for Geoarchaeology and Palaeoenvironmental Research the Centre for Ecotechnology and Southern Cross Geoscience.
Jeff’s unique area of research is plant silica and its relationships to soil carbon sequestration, plant strength and resistance. Plant silica bodies’ known as phytoliths, plantstones or plant opal that are formed in and around the cell wall of many plant species replicating the cell wall shape and encapsulating the inner organic content. These silica bodies are deposited into the soil when a plant dies and are highly resistant to decomposition. This makes them very useful diagnostic tools for forensic investigations, palaeoenvironmental research including palaeo-diets and vegetation histories. Planstones play an important encapsulating carbon and this silica component has been linked to regulatory processes of transpiration rates, drought tolerance and other resist qualities in plants. Jeff’s research encompasses all of these areas.
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Present ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, Southern Cross University Southern Cross GeoScience

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PO Box 157
Lismore NSW
Australia 2480
Phone:(+61 2)6620 3789
Mobile: 0488292027


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