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Culturally-Sensitive Medication Use in Under-Served Populations
Ohio Pharmacists Association Annual Conference
  • Jeffrey D. Lewis, Cedarville University
Document Type
Conference Presentation
Columbus, OH
Event Date
  • Medication,
  • cultural sensitivity,
  • under-served populations
Delivering medical care to under-served populations, especially in resource-limited countries, holds the potential for meeting significant and, in many cases, long-standing needs. However, such also holds the potential for inducing significant harm if our western health-related beliefs, values, manners of communication, standards of practice and economic norms are ignorantly applied. More than simply having a skilled language translator, health care professionals need to carefully assess the manner in which various care initiatives may affect the patient, his/her family and their entire community. Strategically scaling our care delivery back from that which we “can do” to that which we “ought to do” is critical to care planning.
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Jeffrey D. Lewis. "Culturally-Sensitive Medication Use in Under-Served Populations" Ohio Pharmacists Association Annual Conference (2014)
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