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Blame Federal Gov’t, Not the Fed, For Subprime Mortgage Problems
Investor’s Business Daily (2008)
  • JEFFREY ROGERS HUMMEL, San Jose State University
  • David R. Henderson

[...]the market ultimately determines interest rates. With the new regulation, you instead make your credit card payment but miss your mortgage payment, a widely observed transformation in the traditional American delinquency pattern. [...]the comptroller's apparently small change in regulations had the unintended effect of causing some mortgage borrowers to default.

  • Federal Government,
  • Federal Reserve,
  • Subprime mortgage
Publication Date
March 28, 2008
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
JEFFREY ROGERS HUMMEL and David R. Henderson. "Blame Federal Gov’t, Not the Fed, For Subprime Mortgage Problems" Investor’s Business Daily Vol. 24 (2008)
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