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Oysters Bring Together the East and the West
Oysters Bring Together the East and the West (2012)
  • Jeffrey P. Hedquist
The Living Arts Institute (LAI) and the World Oysters Society (WOS) have a mutual interest in this remarkable crustacean, the oyster. LAI’s new initiative Will Oysters Save the World has as its central feature an original play called Cirque de Sea - an aqua-cultural fusion of science and the arts intended to raise awareness about water quality issues and the oyster’s beneficence. Like-minded hearts find each other as these two organizations have because they share the same objectives: To improve public knowledge of the oyster and its benefits to Mankind. To develop children’s understanding and love for oysters. To cooperate with existing organizations for sharing and distributing oyster science. To encourage and support the sustainable culture of oysters. To encourage and support the use of oysters as human food. To work with the oysters to improve water quality in coastal environments. To explore and understand the role of natural oyster beds and of oyster culture in maintaining and restoring biodiversity in coastal marine ecosystem. The Living Arts Institute was formally established as a 501c(3) corporation in 2005. Its mission is community and environmental betterment through the arts. Its democratic theatre arts model, makes the process leading to its productions as important and the production itself. Experiential, inter- disciplinary and inter- generational programs, workshops, and events around each theme, knit the community together. LAI re-dresses current social and environmental topics. Past initiatives have included aging and ageism; community, connection and inter-dependence; Its work is designed to draw people, groups, organization, business together, reminding us of our common humanity and oneness with all things. Visi to learn more about its past programs. The World Oyster Society (WOS) was formally established in July, 2005, at the General Discussion of the 1st International Oyster Symposium (IOS1) held in Tokyo that was organized by the Foundation of Oyster Research Institute, Japan (ORI).
Dr. Katsuyoshi Mori (President and Board Chairman of ORI) was named as the first President of the WOS . The 12 researchers including speakers of IOS1 were selected as the initial Members of the Steering Committee. The vision of the WOS is to bring together the oyster people of the World for the benefit of Mankind. This vision and mission etc. of WOS were drafted by Dr. René E.Lavoie ( Bedford institute of Oceanography, Canada) , one of the Members of the Steering Committee. Currently there are 488 members worldwide – each dedicated to the farming, researching, or promoting of the oyster and its industry. The collaboration between LAI and WOS will be dedicated to increasing youth awareness of the value of the oyster. Cirque de Sea will span the globe and be incorporated into learning materials for schools and groups. Its hero Sammy Spat will report the progress of how oysters are saving the world. If we save water, we save ourselves. And the oysters are designed to do just that! LAI and WOS will work together to champion Sammy’s efforts!
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Jeffrey P. Hedquist. "Oysters Bring Together the East and the West" Oysters Bring Together the East and the West (2012)
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