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Issues in American psychiatry reflected in remarks of APA presidents, 1844-1994
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  • Jeffrey L. Geller, University of Massachusetts Medical School
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Department of Psychiatry
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History, 19th Century; History, 20th Century; Hospitals, Psychiatric; Hospitals, Public; Humans; Psychiatry; Societies, Medical; United States

OBJECTIVE: The author reviewed the history of American psychiatry for the first 150 years of the American Psychiatric Association's existence (1844-1994) as reflected in remarks of the association's presidents.

METHODS: Presidential addresses or remarks from alternative sources were located for the 120 presidents who served the association between 1844 and 1994.

RESULTS: The presidents' remarks on six topics-psychiatric practice, etiology of mental illness, public mental hospitals, alternatives to state hospitals (deinstitutionalization), biologic treatments, and fiscal issues were sampled and arranged chronologically.

CONCLUSIONS: American psychiatry's history--its innovations, cyclical repetitions, and self-assessments-can be gleaned from this form of data. The presidents' remarks appear to refute the claim that organized American psychiatry has been negligent in criticizing itself.

Hosp Community Psychiatry. 1994 Oct;45(10):993-1004.
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Jeffrey L. Geller. "Issues in American psychiatry reflected in remarks of APA presidents, 1844-1994" Vol. 45 Iss. 10 (1994) ISSN: 0022-1597 (Linking)
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