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Active plus selective headset (ANC)-U.S. Patent 5,815,582
Engineering Faculty Publications
  • David Claybaugh
  • Jeffrey N. Denenberg, Fairfield University
  • Ralph Busch
  • John Hohman
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An active plus selective headset system for provision of active attenuation of broadband noise as well as speech filtering comprising a headset with reference microphones, residual microphones and speakers on each of a pair of open backed muffs and a controller means.

U.S. Patent 5,815,582, issued September 1998.

Published Citation
Claybaugh; David, Denenberg; Jeffrey N. , Busch; Ralph, Hohman; John. Active plus selective headset (ANC) US. #5,815,582 issued September, 1998
Citation Information
David Claybaugh, Jeffrey N. Denenberg, Ralph Busch and John Hohman. "Active plus selective headset (ANC)-U.S. Patent 5,815,582" (1998)
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