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Unpublished Paper
Motivation for Active Aging: Results of a Pilot Study
Gerontology Institute Publications
  • Francis G. Caro, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Laney Bruner-Canhoto, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Jeffery Burr, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Jan Mutchler, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Occasional Paper
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The current research explores the question whether activity on the part of older people can be explained, in part, by a general motivation to be active that cuts across various forms of activity. One premise is that motivation defined as “personal interest or desire” is one of a number of forces that contributes to participation in an activity. A further premise is that a distinction may be made between motivation that is specific to a particular activity and general motivation to be active. A general motive to be active may help to explain specific forms of activity. Further, a general motive to be active may also help to explain the number of forms of activity in which people engage.

Working Paper.

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Francis G. Caro, Laney Bruner-Canhoto, Jeffery Burr and Jan Mutchler. "Motivation for Active Aging: Results of a Pilot Study" (2005)
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