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Media/Queered: Visibility and Its Discontents
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly (2008)
  • Jeffrey A. Bennett, University of Iowa

The interludes include reflections by Pulitzer Prize-winner Studs Turkel, Tracy Baim of the Windy City Times, Jason DeRose of Chicago Public Radio, and Northwestern Professor Laura Kipnis. Far from negative, this tension illustrates Barnhurst's argument that imagining new ways of narrating sexuality and identity is challenging, even with the recognition that multiple voices complicate accounts of sexual orientation. Sidestepping the tired debate over the value of same-sex marriage, Moritz details how the Salina Journal in Kansas decided to begin posting same-sex marriage announcements more than a decade before the supposedly progressive

  • book review
Publication Date
Spring 2008
Citation Information
Jeffrey A. Bennett. "Media/Queered: Visibility and Its Discontents" Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly Vol. 85 Iss. 1 (2008)
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