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Jack B. Weinstein: Judicial Entrepreneur
69 U. Miami L. Rev. 393
  • Jeffrey B. Morris, Touro Law Center
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The University of Miami Law Review's 2014 Symposium, Leading from Below, honored Judge Jack B. Weinstein for his extraordinary career as a private practitioner, government lawyer, advisor to legislators and executive officials, major legal scholar, and federal district judge for over forty-seven years. It also offered the possibility of pausing for several days to consider the significance of the federal district courts more generally.This article is intended to look at the career of one very well regarded judge through spectacles that offer a different vantage point on a judicial career. Those spectacles-the concept of judicial entrepreneurship-seem to be particularly apt when applied to Judge Jack B. Weinstein.
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69 U. Miami L. Rev. 393 (2015)