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U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal, special issue on Itō Hiromi
  • Jeffrey Angles, Western Michigan University

Itō, born in 1955 in Tokyo, is one of the most important and dynamic poets of contemporary Japanese literature. After her sensational debut in the late 1970s, she emerged as the foremost voice of the wave of women's poetry that swept Japan in the 1980s, writing about the female body, sexuality, abortion, migration, and international displacement with a frankness that revolutionized the way that poetry was being written in Japan. This journal consists of a number of new analytical essays by several young researchers of Japanese literature about Itō's contributions to modern Japanese literature and feminine self-expression. It also contains new translations of several of Itō's most important literary works.

  • Ito Hiromi,
  • Hiromi Ito,
  • Japanese literature,
  • Japanese poetry,
  • Japan,
  • feminism,
  • feminist poetry,
  • women's poetry,
  • queer
Publication Date
Jeffrey Angles, guest editor
Citation Information
Jeffrey Angles, editor. U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal, special issue on Itō Hiromi. (32) 2007.