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Professional Tasks of Librarians at Small Bible College Libraries
The Christian Librarian
  • Jeffery S. Gates, Cedarville University
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The author attempts to define professional library tasks by surveying small Bible college librarians to discover the tasks on which they spent the most time performing directly and which tasks they considered “professional.” Respondents generally spent most of their time directly performing many tasks that they considered professional in nature. They apparently were unaware that they directly performed many tasks that they did not consider professional and did not directly perform many tasks that they considered professional. The author concludes that most professional tasks of small Bible college librarians tend to be indirect and long-range and that most of their time and energy should be spent on these tasks.
  • Library,
  • Bible college,
  • academic librarianship

Article reproduced by the kind permission of the Editor of The Christian Librarian

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Gates, Jeffery S. “Professional Tasks of Librarians at Small Bible College Libraries.” The Christian Librarian 53, no. 1 (January 2010): 2-27.