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The Biblical Basis of Selection
The Christian Librarian
  • Jeffery S. Gates, Cedarville University
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Selection is not only the first step if! libraria1lship, it is also the first application of the philosophy of librarianship. Before anything call be searched and accessed in a library, it must be selected by that library. But the process of selection requires a selection policy~- whether or not it is written. A written selection policy would help in sure consistency in the selection process, but whether it is written or 1I0t, one who selects resources for a library does follow some policy. And this policy is shaped by the selector's philosophy of librarianship.
  • Library,
  • selection,
  • collection development

Reproduced by permission of the editor

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Gates, Jeffery S. “The Biblical Basis of Selection.” The Christian Librarian 42, no.1 (January 1999): 10-13.