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Development of a Community Hydrologic Information System
Spring Runoff Conference
  • Jeffery S. Horsburgh
ECC 303/305
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Start Date
4-5-2007 2:30 PM
End Date
4-5-2007 2:50 PM
The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI) is developing a Hydrologic Information System (HIS) to provide infrastructure and information services to support hydrologic science. Hydrologic Information Science involves the description of hydrologic environments in a consistent way, using data models for information integration. One such data model is the Observations Data Model (ODM) that has been developed for the storage and retrieval of hydrologic observations in a relational database, together with sufficient ancillary information (metadata) about the observations to allow them to be unambiguously interpreted and used. A set of tools has been developed for visualizing, managing, and editing data within the ODM. Advanced data access and analysis capability is provided through the use of web services for the retrieval of data from CUAHSI and third party databases. These web services make hydrologic information accessible both through a Hydrologic Data Access System portal and directly from client application software such as Excel, Matlab, and ArcGIS that support Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) based web services. Web services derive significant value from their platform independent nature and their ability to be used within a user’s preferred analysis environment. This presentation will discuss the CUAHSI HIS, the ODM, ODM Tools, web services, and how they are being implemented in the Little Bear River as part of an NSF WATERS test bed project.
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Jeffery S. Horsburgh. "Development of a Community Hydrologic Information System" (2007)
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