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What Are We Talking about when We Talk about Discovery in Libraries?
Georgia Libraries Conference (2017)
  • Sofia Slutskaya
  • Jonathan Bodnar
  • Colleen Hunter, Yewno
  • Heather Jeffcoat
  • Jeffrey M Mortimore
Discovery tools are an important topic for academic libraries. How useful are they to our
patrons? What priority do we give them on our websites? How do we use them to
distinguish one resource type, or group of resources, from another? How do we manage
access across consortia without confusing our users? And how do we keep them usable,
accessible, and maintainable?

In this panel, four librarians and a representative from Yewno will discuss implementing,
selecting, teaching, and assessing discovery tools. The discussion will interest technical
services staff, reference and instruction librarians, and web and user experience designers
and developers.
Publication Date
October, 2017
Columbus, GA
Citation Information
Sofia Slutskaya, Jonathan Bodnar, Colleen Hunter, Heather Jeffcoat, et al.. "What Are We Talking about when We Talk about Discovery in Libraries?" Georgia Libraries Conference (2017)
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