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Starter contribution to reduced fat Cheddar
Dairy Industries International
  • Jeffery R. Broadbent, Utah State University
  • C. Brennand
  • M. johnson
  • J. Steele
  • M. Strickland
  • B. Weimer
Document Type
Bell Publishing
Publication Date
Presents the results of a study investigating the contributions by starter and adjunct bacteria to flavor development in reduced fat cheddar cheese. Performing trained sensory evaluation of cheese; Influence of adjunct level and fat; Proteolysis in cheddar cheese; Effects of aromatic amino acid catabolism; Methanethiol as an important contributor to the development of characteristic cheese aroma.
Citation Information
Broadbent, J., C. Brennand, M. Johnson, J. Steele, M. Strickland, and B. Weimer. 1997. Starter contribution to reduced fat Cheddar. Dairy Ind. Int. 62 (2):35-39.