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Interactive Australia 2007 : facts about the Australian computer and video game industry
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  • Jeffrey E Brand, Bond University
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Reproduced with permission.
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The full report is available from the IEAA.

Interactive Australia 2007 provides data on who is playing games in Australia, what their attitudes and behaviours are like compared with non-gamers, the nature of the games market, the importance of games in the family experience and the role of online access in game purchasing and play. The study is based on a national random sample of 1,606 Australian households who responded to more than 75 questions and over 300 data points in a 15-minute online survey run by ACNielsen Surveys Australia in late September 2006. Two units of analysis are explored in the study: the household and the player individual within the household. The research was completed by the Bond University Centre for New Media Research (CNMRE) who served as a research consultant to the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia (IEAA). The study was designed by Dr Jeff Brand. The data analysis and interpretations are those of the author and Jill Borchard. This booklet is a summary of the key research findings.
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Jeffrey E Brand. "Interactive Australia 2007 : facts about the Australian computer and video game industry" (2007)
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