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E.V.A. (Experimental Video Art)
BachModern Autumn Screening (2011)
  • Jeff Schmuki
Genetically modified food technology is so new and untested that we have no idea what long term effects it will have on those who consume it, the lands on which it is grown, or what wide-ranging environmental impact that can occur. Like a B-movie Godzilla, Monsantra is a hybrid of imagination, possibility, and reality. We can only guess what will happen to the food supply with subsequent generations of GMO’s? This poetic GMO plant robot hybrid begs the question what will it all become? 
  • EVA,
  • Experimental video art,
  • BachModern,
  • Autumn screening
Publication Date
Salzburg, Austria
Citation Information
Jeff Schmuki. "E.V.A. (Experimental Video Art)" BachModern Autumn Screening (2011)
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