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Retraining the profession; or Over the hill at 40
American Libraries (1997)
  • Jeannette Woodward

Older librarians who are excluded from the technological evolution taking place in the library feel left out and grow frustrated and resentful. Computer skills are learned, and there is no evidence to support the belief that people stop learning as they grow older. Resources must be found to make the training of library staff a priority. However, providing educational opportunities might not be enough to undo the harm that has already been done to older librarians' morale. Library administrators must find ways of motivating staff who have little or no chance for promotion. Evaluation conferences should be used as opportunities to find out what older librarians are really feeling. The extensive library expertise of the older librarian is immediately obvious once the technical deficiencies have been cured.

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Jeannette Woodward. "Retraining the profession; or Over the hill at 40" American Libraries Vol. 28 (1997)
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