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Collection Development in the Field of Communication Studies
Collection Building (1995)
  • Jeanne Pavy, University of New Orleans
  • Ann Power
The area of communication with its multistrand, interdisciplinary webbing presents a challenge to the bibliographer seeking to develop a collection. A project at the University of Alabama is described in which a subject-special policy was written to address the complex issues involved in collection, the format selected for use and the collegial working relationship between representatives from the College of Communication and the university subject bibliographer. Detailed are the outcome of this investigation as well as a description of the policy which outlines parameters for six fields of study-advertising, public relations, telecommunication, film, speech communication, and journalism.
Publication Date
Spring 1995
Citation Information
Jeanne Pavy and Ann Power. "Collection Development in the Field of Communication Studies" Collection Building Vol. 14 Iss. 2 (1995)
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