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Redefining the Library's Role through an Institutional Repository
LOUIS Users Conference (2011)
  • Jeanne Pavy, University of New Orleans
  • Sharon Mader, University of New Orleans
Academic libraries are under increasing pressure to demonstrate value to the campus and the larger academic enterprise. An institutional repository can offer a range of unique and valuable services that enhance scholarly communications at the university and beyond, and in the process the library is redefined as a more active partner in the research and publishing mission of higher education. In Spring 2011 the UNO Library implemented ScholarWorks@UNO, an open access repository of the research, scholarship, and creative work of the university. Our presentation focuses on the various factors to consider in creating an institutional repository, including preliminary tasks like defining the purpose of the repository, identifying funding, choosing a platform, and engaging campus stakeholders, as well as elements of the actual implementation process such as design, allocation of staff, policy development, outreach, and evaluation of services. We will share examples from our own experience and from other library implementations, and relate the range of potential benefits, to both the library and the university, of this dynamic new resource.
Publication Date
October 13, 2011
Citation Information
Jeanne Pavy and Sharon Mader. "Redefining the Library's Role through an Institutional Repository" LOUIS Users Conference (2011)
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