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Accounting for the force of the appeal to authority
OSSA Conference Archive
  • Jean Goodwin, Iowa State University
  • Raymie McKerrow
University of Windsor
Document Type
  • appeal to expert authority,
  • argument scheme,
  • authority,
  • expertise,
  • trust,
  • normative pragmat-ics,
  • testimony
Start Date
18-5-2011 9:00 AM
End Date
21-5-2011 5:00 PM
As appeals to expert authority shift from “fallacies” to “argument schemes,” argumentation theorists are called on to provide critical questions for assessing them. I argue that current treatments focus too heavily on assessing expertise, and not enough on judging trustworthiness. I propose instead a norma-tive pragmatic account of the rational force of the appeal to expert authority, one that emphasizes the ex-pert's actions in constructing his/her own legitimate trustworthiness.
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Citation Information
Jean Goodwin and Raymie McKerrow. "Accounting for the force of the appeal to authority" (2011)
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