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The Public Sphere and the Norms of Transactional Argument
Informal Logic
  • Jean Goodwin, Iowa State University
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An outsider to argument theory, should she look through the rich outpouring of our recent work, might be amused to find us theorists not following our own prescriptions. We propound our ideas, but we don't always interact with each other--we don't argue. The essays by William Rehg and Robert Asen make promising start on rectifying this difficulty. I want to discuss them, first, to show how they acknowledge in exemplary fashion a pair of challenges I think we should all be addressing; and next to consider their specific responses.

This article is from Informal Logic 25 (2005): 151. Posted with permission.

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Jean Goodwin
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Jean Goodwin. "The Public Sphere and the Norms of Transactional Argument" Informal Logic Vol. 25 Iss. 2 (2005) p. 151 - 165
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