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What does arguing look like?
Informal Logic
  • Jean Goodwin, Iowa State University
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Even on our best days, we teachers of argumentation sometimes suspect that our students are thinking bad things about us: that they don't like our subject! In this essay, I will give an account of a classroom exercise I call "What Does Arguing Look Like?" aimed to elicit and confront this suspected negative view of arguing. I'll start by pointing out why we need to know what our students are thinking. I'll then describe the exercise as I used it in one class, and analyze in detail the results it produced. And I'll close with some speculations about what we can learn from these results.

This article is from Informal Logic 25 (2005): 79. Posted with permission.

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Jean Goodwin
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Jean Goodwin. "What does arguing look like?" Informal Logic Vol. 25 Iss. 1 (2005) p. 79 - 93
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