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Forms of Authority and the Real Argumentum ad Verecundiam
OSSA Conference Archive
  • Jean Goodwin, Iowa State University
Brock University
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15-5-1997 9:00 AM
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17-5-1997 5:00 PM
We ordinarily distinguish between the authority exercised by an expert and that exercised by a commander. Nevertheless, prior argumentation theorists have been unable to articulate fully the grounds on which we make this distinction. In this paper, I propose a principle for distinguishing types of authorities. I argue further that on this principle, Locke's argumentum ad verecundiam represents a third type, reducible neither to command nor expertise. Finally, I point to significant instances of this third appeal to authority, especially in Roman legal and political discourse.
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Jean Goodwin. "Forms of Authority and the Real Argumentum ad Verecundiam" (1997)
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