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About Jeana C. Rogers

Jeana Rogers joined the Instructional Technology team in 2009 as Instructional Technology Specialist. Jeana brings more than twenty years of information and instructional technology experience to Butler and has a Master of Science in Educational Technology from Indiana State University.
Summary of Experience:
• Experienced instructional technology specialist (support and integration) – 25+
• Experienced eLearning designer – 4+ years
• Experience media developer - 12 + years
• Experienced faculty support personnel (technology and pedagogy) – 25+ years
• Experienced instructor (multi-disciplines) – 5+ years
• Experienced project lead and/or manager (rich media solutions) – 11+ years
• Workshop and learning development experience – 25+ years
• Experienced student employee manager – 8+ years


Present Academic Technology Specialist, Butler University Center for Academic Technology

Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Information

(317) 940-9216
Jordan Hall, Rm 037A