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About Jean C. Whitney Ph.D.

I began teaching in the late 1980's in classrooms for students with severe disabilities. My desire to understand how to fully include students in the fabric and life of schools led me to pursue my doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I then spent eight years as a researcher and project coordinator at the Institute for Community Inclusion in Boston, where I continued on my quest for ways of creating learning communities in which everyone, even those traditionally on the margins, feels a sense of belonging and indeed thrive.
Teaching Perspective
I co-coordinate the Unified Secondary ETEP pathway for interns seeking certification in general and special education. My teaching focuses on the creation of inclusive learning communities in their schools and on supporting my own students so they feel they are part of an inclusive learning community themselves. In order to accomplish this, I strive to make the curriculum in my university classrooms accessible and provide necessary supports for each student individually.
Intellectual Pursuits
My scholarship in recent years has focused on capturing the voices, impressions, and first-hand accounts of education from a diverse array of students in today's schools. One strategy to accomplish this is accomplished by giving students cameras, then helping them to write about their pictures and to share their pictures and words with others. I have worked with middle and high school students in Massachusetts and Maine as they document how they learn best to their family, friends, and teachers. I have also incorporated these methods into courses I teach as I help teachers use photography with their own students for the purpose of educational and futures planning.


Present Associate Professor Teacher Education, University of Southern Maine

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

8 Bailey Hall
Contact Information
Phone: (207) 780-5472