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Establishing Library Publishing: Best Practices for Creating Successful Journal Editors
ELPUB 2008 Conference Proceedings (2008)
Library publishing is a hot topic. We compiled the results of interviews with librarians and editors who are currently publishing journals with the Digital Commons platform. While the research and illustrations in this paper originate from Digital Commons subscriber interviews, we think the lessons and trends we've identified can serve as a roadmap for all librarians looking to provide successful publishing services to their faculty. Successful journal publishing appears to rely greatly upon the librarian hitting the pavement and promoting. The librarian must be ready to invest time and commit to a multi-year view. With support and encouragement, faculty will begin journals. The librarian can then use these early successes as showcases for others. While the first editors get involved in publishing because they believe in open-access or are looking to make a mark, for future editors the most powerful motivator is seeing the success of their peers. Publishing becomes viral, and the successful librarian encourages this.
  • library publishing,
  • institutional repositories,
  • open access journals
Publication Date
Summer 2008
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"Establishing Library Publishing: Best Practices for Creating Successful Journal Editors" ELPUB 2008 Conference Proceedings (2008)
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