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About Jean Caroline White

Jean White graduated in 1974 with honors from California State University Los Angeles with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Physiological Psychology and Philosophy.  The following year the Philosophy Department of Claremont Graduate School offered Jean a full fellowship toward a PhD.

However, she passed on an academic career and decided to pursue other business and self-development opportunities. She returned to academic studies in 1978 to undertake a master’s degree program in Business Communications at California State University Fullerton to help advisory professionals adopt more creative approaches in their marketing and client communication efforts.

Her business and marketing career spanned editorial projects for a highly reputed industrial psychological testing firm, editing textbooks and writing student guides for a community college, and Internet marketing development for a leading international firm in natural health products. Concurrently, Jean actively maintains a strong interest in the fields of growth of consciousness and alternative healing. She has been fortunate to meet and gratefully work closely with luminaries in these fields.

In October 2010, Jean met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and experienced his unique abilities to project transformational healing energy from a distance.  Immediately after she discovered people relating to her very positively in business and social contexts and generally felt much more energy and happiness. Accelerated success in her professional pursuits followed quickly.

Guruji's abilities, called the The Trivedi Effect, are widely documented in over 4,000 scientific experiments. In group meetings, anecdotal testimony from other people receiving The Trivedi Effect shows bodily and emotional benefits as diverse as loneliness, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.


Research Interests

Biofield and Material Science

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BA, California State University Los Angeles

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