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Changes in Cancer Treatment: Mabs, Mibs, Mids, Nabs and Nibs
Nursing Clinics of North America (2017)
  • Joseph D Tariman, PhD
KEY POINTS  Stay abreast on latest cancer treatments; cancer treatments have evolved from genocidal to specific cellular, molecular, and genetic targeting approaches (targeted therapies) to kill cancer cells.  Manage the side effects of cancer treatments; this is essential to adherence and a successful completion of planned targeted therapy.  Educate patients and their caregivers on treatment-related information to empower them in becoming active participants of the cancer journey.

Cancer therapeutics has changed at a rapid pace over the past two decades. Cancer
treatment changes are undoubtedly driven by the recent advances in the understanding
of cancer pathobiology, leading to molecular classifications of various cancer
types instead of organ-based cancer classifications.Scientific advances and discoveries
have led to an improved therapeutic approach and eventually forged a new
pathway to cure cancer, leaving behind the primitive genocidal and toxic approach
of cancer treatment. Moreover, improved understanding of the pathobiology of cancer
at the molecular and genetic levels catalyzed the rapid changes in cancer therapeutics,
ushering in the era of targeted therapies.
  • Monoclonal antibodyNanoparticle albumin-bound drug  Tyrosine kinase inhibitor  Immunomodulatory drug  Proteasome inhibitor  Cancer therapeutics  Targeted therapy  Nursing care
Publication Date
Winter February 10, 2017
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Joseph D Tariman. "Changes in Cancer Treatment: Mabs, Mibs, Mids, Nabs and Nibs" Nursing Clinics of North America Vol. 52 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 65 - 81 ISSN: 0029-6465
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