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Clinical Chatter: Every Nurse Informed
Journal of Clinical Nursing (2016)
  • Carolyn Talbott, DePaul University
  • Lynn Watson, Presence Health
  • Matthew Sorenson, DePaul University
  • Joseph D Tariman, PhD
Aims and Objectives: The purpose of this study was to assess the acceptability and usability of
a standardized communication tool for nurses.
Background and Significance: Communication is key in healthcare. On a daily, if not hourly,
basis, nursing staff is inundated with new information regarding tools and resources, practice
changes and the work environment. However, there is currently no standardized messaging or
delivery method to effectively communicate new information. Even with a plethora of
communication tools such as flyers, posters, emails, unit huddles, and unit meetings there is no
means to guarantee attendance to crucial information.
Design: Descriptive, cross sectional online survey, implemented at a non-academic, suburban
hospital with 280 nurses.
Methods: The Clinical Chatter, an online tool developed by nursing leadership to standardize
messages regarding the organization, new tools and resources, professional development,
recognition, and unit updates was delivered to each nurse on a weekly basis followed by
administration of Acceptability and Usability scales.
Results: The Clinical Chatter tool has adequate acceptability and usability as a method of
communication among nurses in a hospital organization. Sociodemographic variables of age and
years of experience had no statistically significant association with perceived acceptance and
usefulness of the tool.
Conclusion: The findings indicate that the Clinical Chatter tool can be used as a standardized
communication tool to deliver key information among nurses working in a hospital organization.
Nursing leadership must establish and support a clear communication system to enhance patient
care and outcomes and improve nursing job satisfaction.
  • Communication,
  • Huddle,
  • Leadership,
  • Nursing,
  • Organization,
  • Electronic Communication
Publication Date
Fall October 25, 2016
doi: 10.1111/jocn.13620.
Citation Information
Carolyn Talbott, Lynn Watson, Matthew Sorenson and Joseph D Tariman. "Clinical Chatter: Every Nurse Informed" Journal of Clinical Nursing (2016)
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