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Weed seed germplasm collection 1964-2014 of the Weed Biology Laboratory
  • Jack Dekker

J. Dekker weed seed germplasm collection; including: Lots 1-3974: 1964-2014; main seed library listed by lot numbers. Lots 649-1457: 1989 all-Iowa Setaria transect study. Lots 1762-1812: 1981; Diane Manthey, North Dakota St. Univ., Setaria collection at Bob Anderson's (USDA, Univ. of Minn) 1960's wild oat study sites. Lots 2389-2595: 1992 north temperate world collection (Japan, Russia, Europe) by J. Dekker. Lots 3270-3685: 1993 Brent Reschly transect study of eastern Iowa conventional and Amish farmers. Lots 3786-3962: 2000 J. Dekker 2000 salt-tolerant Setaria of southern Japan collection. All seed in all these collections belong, and were collected and archived by Jack Dekker. All seed as of March 30, 2014 are archived in the basement 4 C-40% RH long-term seed storage facility in Agronomy Hall, Iowa St. Univ., Ames, IA, 50011, USA.

Publication Date
Spring April, 2014
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Jack Dekker. "Weed seed germplasm collection 1964-2014 of the Weed Biology Laboratory" (2014)
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