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About Jack Dekker

I studied the evolutionary ecology and biology of important weed species:
- Weedy foxtails (Setaria species-group) seed-seedling life history:   Relationship of seed heteroblasty to seedling emergence
- s-triazine resistant Brassica napus:   Evolutionary ecology as pleiotropic chronomutant 
- Chenopodium album (common lambsquarters):   Continental diversity of seedling emergence
- Abutilon theophrasti (velvetleaf):  Growth, development and light competition with soybeans
- Elymus/Agropyron repens (quackgrass):   Rhizome bud dormancy and herbicide translocation
- Experimental-Technical:  World weed seed germplasm collection

Publications herein: Weed Seed Germplasm Collection; Evolutionary Biology of Weeds; Setaria Species-group (foxtails); Chenopodium album (common lambsquarters); Abutilon theophrasti (velvetleaf); Elymus repens (quackgrass); and s-Triazine Resistant Plants


Present Associate Professor, Retired, New Weed Biology Laboratory
Present Crop Science Department, University of Guelph
Present Ontario Agricultural College, Canada, University of Guelph
Present Weed Biology Laboratory, Iowa State University

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Weed Science, Weed Evolutionary Ecology, Weed Biology, Weed Seed Biology, and Herbicide Physiology & Biochemistry

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Evolutionary Biology of Weeds (6)

Monographs (1)

Setaria species-group: Books, Reviews, Monographs (4)

Setaria species-group: Weedy Adaptation Series (9)

Setaria species-group: Seed-Seedling Life history (8)