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The Teacher as Learner: an Institutional Approach to Promoting Pedagogical Innovation
Annual Conference on Innovative Pedagogy & Course Redesign
  • Jaya Kannan, Sacred Heart University
  • Adrianna Dattoli, Sacred Heart University
Dolan School of Business
Start Date
30-5-2014 1:00 PM
End Date
30-5-2014 2:00 PM
Session Type
Roundtable Discussion
Our University has renewed its vision for better integration of the digital environment to meet curricular and program goals, and to improve student learning. Since the inception of the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) in fall 2013, there has been a revitalized collaborative effort between ODL and I.T. to enhance digital fluencies among faculty. When faculty members take on the role of “teacher as learner,” we observe 5 main challenges: How to create a paradigm shift in the application of pedagogy principles for the synchronous and asynchronous online environments? How to take account of anxiety as a factor when building courses for the online environment - the role of affect when the teacher becomes learner? How to strike the right balance in managing student expectations when switching between face-to-face and online contexts? How to maintain realistic expectations about the workload involved in creating, delivering, and sustaining an online presence? How to create better infrastructural support for faculty, regardless of whether they are experts or new to the online environment? We will use a recent case study to facilitate discussion of these challenges, and learn from the roundtable attendees’ experience in their respective institutions. The case study will focus on the process of building interactive learning using Lecture Capture tools to achieve the course goals and teaching objectives in two different disciplines. Observations from this study will be used to articulate the complexities involved in course redesign, and to develop effective, solution-oriented strategies for faculty development.
Citation Information
Jaya Kannan and Adrianna Dattoli. "The Teacher as Learner: an Institutional Approach to Promoting Pedagogical Innovation" (2014)
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