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Projecting Chromatic Aberrations
All Volumes (2001-2008)
  • David L Gibbs, Jr., Univeristy of North Florida
  • Phil Ryan, Univeristy of North Florida
  • Jay S Huebner, University of North Florida
Volume I, 2001
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The chromatic aberration of lenses is a popular topic in introductory astronomy 1-4 and physics and is readily demonstrated on an optical bench to several students at a time. However, we are not aware of any published descriptions of demonstrations showing chromatic aberration that are useful for large lecture classes. This note describes a simple method of using an overhead projector and an extra lens for displaying chromatic aberrations in large lecture halls so it can be viewed by large audiences.

Originally published in the American Journal of Physics (September 2000) Volume 68, Issue 9, pp. 869

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David L Gibbs, Phil Ryan and Jay S Huebner. "Projecting Chromatic Aberrations" (2001)
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