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Are Gen-Y’s brains modular or unconscious?
  • Jay Brand, Andrews University

Jay Brand, Ph.D. addresses the question, "Are Millennials' Brains Modular or Unconscious?" His paper explains how the mind handles different types of tasks automatically or consciously. As an example, do different types of tasks, such as verbal versus spatial, involve fundamentally different processes in the brain, and what are the implications for being able to perform different tasks simultaneously? Or does the brain work modularly or more like separate, specialized components for different tasks? Both of these questions have implications for whether Gen-Yers are able to multi-task any better then older generations. Jay closes by speculating whether Gen-Y'ers' overexposure to technology is influencing their thinking processes and performance.

Publication Date
January, 2009
Citation Information
Jay Brand. "Are Gen-Y’s brains modular or unconscious?" (2009)
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