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Urban Education Reform- Case Study: North Forest Independent School District
ECI Interdisciplinary Journal for Legal and Social Policy
  • Jay K Aiyer, Texas Southern University
  • Michael O Adams, Texas Southern Univeristy
  • Subria Lapps, Texas Southern University
Education reformers and advocates have conducted extensive studies and produced significant research around various models of school turnaround and reform. As a case study for policy in relation to models for school district turnaround, we will explore Houston’s North Forest Independent School District (NFISD). The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, as a study of policy we will retroactively explore the key factors that led to the proposed closure of NFISD. Second, using existing strategies of school turnaround, we will explore potential models of reform that may be applied to NFISD. Third, we will discuss biases and recommendations concerning a proposed annexation of NFISD by the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and how those biases and recommendations could potentially influence policy and ultimately increase student achievement.
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Jay K Aiyer, Michael O Adams and Subria Lapps. "Urban Education Reform- Case Study: North Forest Independent School District"
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