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Personal networks of ex-mental patients in a Manhattan SRO hotel.
Faculty Publications
  • Jay Sokolovsky
  • Carl Cohen
  • Dirk Berger
  • Josephine Geiger
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Jay Sokolovsky

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Excerpt: “This paper describes the results and implications of the first systematic investigation of the social organization of ex-patients, clinically labelled as schizophrenic, who are residing in a large Manhattan Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotel. In doing this, we have focused on the structure of this population's personal networks in order to: (1) Delineate the morphological characteristics of individual networks (viz., size, content, directionality, density) and their relationship to psychiatric diagnosis. (2) Determine whether the structure of the network matrix can serve as a predictive index of subsequent community performance (i.e., necessity for rehospitalization).” (p.4)

Excerpt only. Full-text article is available through licensed access provided by the publisher. Published in Human Organization, 37(1), 4-15. Members of the USF System may access the full-text of the article through the authenticated link provided.

Society for Applied Anthropology
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Sokolovsky, J., Cohen, C., Berger, D., & Geiger, J. (1978). Personal networks of ex-mental patients in a Manhattan SRO hotel. Human Organization, 37(1), 4-15.