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Thermal and structural properties of unusual starches from developmental corn lines
Carbohydrate Polymers
  • Y. Ji, Iowa State University
  • K. Seetharaman, Iowa State University
  • K. Wong, Iowa State University
  • Linda M. Pollak, Iowa State University
  • Susan A. Duvick, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Jay-Lin Jane, Iowa State University
  • Pamela J. White, Iowa State University
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Starches from exotic corn lines were screened by using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to find thermal properties that were significantly different from those exhibited by starches from normal Corn Belt lines. Two independent gelatinization transitions, one corresponding to the melting of a peak at ∼66 °C and the other to a peak melting at ∼69 °C, were found in some starches. The melting characteristics were traced to two separate types of granules within the endosperm. Strong correlations were found between DSC properties and proportion of large granules with equivalent diameter ≥17 μm. Starches with a lower peak onset gelatinization temperature (ToG), had a lower normalized concentration of chains with a degree of polymerization (dp) of 15–24 and/or a greater normalized concentration of chains with a dp of 6–12. These studies will aid in understanding structure–thermal property relationships of starches, and in identifying corn lines of interest for commercial breeding.

This article is from Carbohydrate Polymers 51 (2003): 439–450, doi:10.1016/S0144-8617(02)00216-3.

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Y. Ji, K. Seetharaman, K. Wong, Linda M. Pollak, et al.. "Thermal and structural properties of unusual starches from developmental corn lines" Carbohydrate Polymers Vol. 51 Iss. 4 (2003) p. 439 - 450
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