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Partial Expansion of a Lipschitz Domain and Some Applications
Frontiers of Mathematics in China
  • Weifeng Qiu, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Jay Gopalakrishnan, Portland State University
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  • Boundary value problems,
  • Lipschitz domains,
  • Regular decomposition,
  • Vector fields,
  • Decomposition (Mathematics)

We show that a Lipschitz domain can be expanded solely near a part of its boundary, assuming that the part is enclosed by a piecewise C1 curve. The expanded domain as well as the extended part are both Lipschitz. We apply this result to prove a regular decomposition of standard vector Sobolev spaces with vanishing traces only on part of the boundary. Another application in the construction of low-regularity projectors into finite element spaces with partial boundary conditions is also indicated


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Weifeng Qiu and Jay Gopalakrishnan. "Partial Expansion of a Lipschitz Domain and Some Applications" Frontiers of Mathematics in China (2012)
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