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A Tent Pitching Scheme Motivated by Friedrichs theory
Mathematics and Statistics Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Jay Gopalakrishnan, Portland State University
  • Peter Monk, University of Delaware
  • Paulina Sepúlveda, Portland State University
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  • Hyperbolic functions,
  • Wave equations,
  • Boundary conditions,
  • Asymptotic properties

Certain Friedrichs systems can be posed on Hilbert spaces normed with a graph norm. Functions in such spaces arising from advective problems are found to have traces with a weak continuity property at points where the inflow and outflow boundaries meet. Motivated by this continuity property, an explicit space-time finite element scheme of the tent pitching type, with spaces that conform to the continuity property, is designed. Numerical results for a model one-dimensional wave propagation problem are presented.


This is the author's manuscript of an article subsequently accepted for publication by Elsevier. The version of record can be found on the publisher site.

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Jay Gopalakrishnan, Peter Monk and Paulina Sepúlveda. "A Tent Pitching Scheme Motivated by Friedrichs theory" (2015)
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